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Beikircher Online Shop


    Raw Materials


    A good quality of resources is the basis of any well-functioning and efficient agriculture. Take advantage of a high quality raw materials that we offer: not only enrich your food supply but will also optimize and improve the quality of your production.

    We offer top excellent quality, suitable materials both for further processing or for direct use as feed.

    • Barley (beans, crushed, ground)
    • Wheat (grains or crushed)
    • Maize (grains or flour)
    • Oats (grains or crushed)
    • Rye (grains or crushed)
    • Wheat bran (such as pellets or in bulk)
    • Pulp
    • Rapeseed cake / meal rapeseed
    • Soya (bean flour or beans 44%)
    • Cobs of Lucerne
    • Carob
    • Distillate 35%
    • Sunflower seed meal

    Contact us and talk to us about your wishes. Together we will find the best delivery options and fairer prices.